Share your playlist!


What is TapeDeck?

TapeDeck is a simple website for sharing playlists. Playlists can be uploaded and displayed as a list of songs which can be shared with your friends. TapeDeck also automatically looks up each song of Youtube and finds the most relevant video, so would-be listeners can jump straight into your music.

How do I share my playlist?

If you have your playlist in iTunes, simply right click it and click Export. Make sure you export the playlist as an XML file! (for example, on Windows, you can select 'Save As Type: XML files' from the Save dialog)

For VLC, just click Media>Save Playlist To File.

How can people see my playlists?

All playlists are public, but there's no directory to search for them. When you upload your playlist, you'll be sent to a page with your songs. The URL of this page links directly to your playlist, and you can share this to share your playlist.

Can I login and edit my playlists?

Not at the moment, but if it becomes an important feature, it can be added in.

I don't use iTunes or VLC. Can I share any other types of playlist?

Only iTunes and VLC are compatible right now, but if there's another playlist type you want to see, send a request to rd435@srcf.net.

Ruairi Dorrity - 2013