Totally Sweet Jam Tunes

Band Song Notes
Saosin Seven Years Ignore the screams, they leave them out of the acoustic version and it sounds fine. Fairly simple song, good fun to play too. I can play either guitar part.
Saosin Voices A bit emo, but still a good song. Drums are a bit fast, but can be simplified. I know the lead guitar.
Saosin I Never Wanted To A bit softer and one of the guitar parts is acoustic.
Jimmy Eat World The Middle Fun fact: the first song I played in a band! Pretty sure Pete and I have sung this drunk at some point too?
Jimmy Eat World Sweetness Matt's acoustic has a nice clean sound so two guitar parts should sound pretty good.
QOTSA Make It Wit Chu Again, should work well with Matt's acoustic and I think the drums are alright as well.